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Sound Environment
A cultural conversation with John Luther Adams.
Just announced! TERMINALS by Bobby Previte ft. So Percussion, Nels Cline, Zeena Parkins, Greg Osby, & John Medeski. 
Coming to you October 28 in double-gatefold vinyl.
Become Ocean


We’re inching ever-closer to our goal. Join us in bringing John Luther Adams' Become Ocean to the world in pristine stereo and magical 5.1 surround!

Cantaloupe Music is excited to partner with pledgemusic in bringing you an immersive surround-sound experience for Become Ocean, John Luther Adams' epic recording with the Seattle Symphony. Preorder now and ride the wave!
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Glenn Kotche (Wilco) Opens Up "Adventureland" On Blend »



Glenn Kotche of Wilco invites musicians, producers and audacious fans to re-imagine his seven-movement piece “Anomaly” composed by Kotche with the Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) from his new album Adventureland out now on Cantaloupe Music.

For a percussionist…

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# cyooot
back by popular demand, head to bangonacan.org/store to grab on of these #cyooot Mystery Bundles! what’s inside? epic tunes from 13 years of cantaloupe! (at bang on a can)
Cantaloupe Mystery Bundle - Various Artists - Bang on a Can »

Back by popular demand: the Cantaloupe Mystery Bundle!

If you missed them at the Bang on a Can Marathon last week (they sold out after the first set), they’re now on the Bang Store and available in 4 sizes, S (3 CDs), M (5 CDs), L (10 CDs), and XL (15 CDs).

What’s inside? We’ll never tell… they’re like trading card packs for new music.

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Big Beautiful Dark and Scary @bangallstars #marathon2014